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Up in Smoke II, 2018 to 2022

Katrin in a Field of Flowers II, 2018

Katrin with Smoke Under the Bridge, 2018

Fence, West Asheville, 2018

Peeling Facial Mask, Katrin Dohse, 2018

West Dundee Storefront, Illinois, 2020

Radical Play, Bailey Townley, 2018

Leaps and Hula Hoops, Bailey Townley, 2018

Nonlinear Dubuque, 2018 Part 1

Nonlinear Dubuque, 2018 Part 2

Bailey at Abandoned Building, 2019

Katrin Amid Tires and Graffiti, 2018

Smoke and Light, Katrin Dohse, 2018

Fox River and Smoke, James Day, 2018

A Womans Closet, 2019

Katrin on Concrete, 2015 to 2018

Fabric in the Semi, Katrin Dohse, 2017

Alcove With Scarf, Katrin Dohse, 2018

Abandoned Building (with drama), 2018

Fabric on the Dock, Katrin Dohse, 2017

Smoke and Torches, Katrin Dohse, 2018

Shuffling Feet, Alcove, 2017

Shuffling Feet, Road, 2017

Fabric Amidst Destruction, 2017

Eluding Destruction, Katrin Dohse, 2017

Fire and Dark, Katrin Dohse, 2017 2018

Milk in the Semi, Katrin Dohse, 2017

Grains in the Light, Katrin Dohse, 2017

Milk in the Light, Katrin Dohse, 2017

Aluminum in the Light, Katrin Dohse, 2017

Radical Play, Katrin Dohse, 2016 to 2018

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