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Radical Play, Katrin Dohse, 2016 to 2018

Radical play is a simple and direct approach to creating alchemy/art. It bypasses the ego and mind and directly addresses the emotions, the senses and the soul. I worked with model Katrin Dohse for this series.

Play is a natural alchemical process. It allows the opposite poles of openness and intent to inhabit the same space. It is with this seeming paradox that the magick of alchemy can flow freely. Such an invitation to openness invites energies beyond our self to participate. We lose awareness of self, and in manifesting intent without the baggage of HOW that intent will materialize, we can experience outcomes of surprise, synchronicity and serendipity.

Ideally these images tell different stories to different people. These are never linear stories. Rather, they are subterranean and unconscious, and akin to wordless shards that are the remains of dreams upon awakening.
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