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Fabric in the Semi, Katrin Dohse, 2017

The Fabric in the Semi series can be considered a subset of both my Radical Play and Obscure Reveal series. More importantly, it offers a textbook example of using polar opposites in my intent/openness approach to making art. In this series intent translates into hard boundaries and openness signifies the freedom and possibilities offered within these boundaries.

These shoots occurred on August 19 and 23 of 2016. They were shot in the same semi-trailer at approximately the same time of day. Throughout each shoot I photographed model Katrin Dohse from within the semi. Katrin held or tossed fabric as I photographed her silhouetted figure. These conditions satisfy the intent pole of the intent/openness polarity. The inflexibility of this boundary created an open, free and playful experience for both Katrin and me during the shoot, and again for me during post-production. The openness pole of intent/openness capitalized on Katrins athleticism and creativity and my own willingness to direct/not direct, shoot/not shoot and manipulate/not manipulate. The paradox of expanded freedom through limiting boundaries is the prerequisite to the flow of alchemical energy and its handmaidens, synchronicity, serendipity and surprise.
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