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Conversations Amongst Oneself I
Smoke and Light, Katrin Dohse, 2018

I like smoke. Bonfire smoke, cigarette smoke, pipe smoke. The sight of smoke always gets my attention. Its comprised of solid matter masquerading as liquid. It reveals subtle air currents. As the smoke disintegrates it follows these currents. Soon we are watching, and perhaps interacting with, a time-lapse 3-D river snaking its way through space. Add to that the exposed foundation of a former recycling center, twilight and model Katrin Dohse as she moves among smoke and illuminating flashlights, and you have the series Smoke and Twilight.

As with every photograph and series, I am more or less following the dictum of Carl Jung: The creation of something new is not accompanied by the intellect but by the instinct acting from inner necessity. When I am drawn to something I recognize its source as this same inner necessity. I go with these instincts and, like the smoke, I experience the process as a time-lapse 3-D river. I am in the flow. I am the flow.
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