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Nonlinear Dubuque, 2018 Part 2

1 - 6 Abandoned Factory

I discovered this abandoned factory during my visit in 2015. It is located in a sort of cul de sac of the city and I had never been there before. It is a rather grand old building but badly falling apart. I shot there in 2015 and my portfolio Fractical Dubuque contains an external image of the building. See image 22 from the Fractical Dubuque portfolio.

7 - 14 Abandoned Retail Building

I remember this building best as a bowling alley. My grandparents lived nearby and on our annual week long visit we would bowl here. The extensive glass windows looked west to Eagle Point Park and east and north to the Mississippi River and the Illinois shoreline. However, when recurring spring floods became unbearable a 40 or 50 foot floodwall was erected. This entirely blocked the view east and north. The building was soon abandoned.

15 - 21 Active Oil Storage Site on the Mississippi River

I vividly recall looking down on this area when we drove across the old bridge connected Iowa and Illinois. Dubuque is a unique junction of the Mississippi, traintracks and roads. Most of the pictures here are constructed from a single shot of a small diesel fuel tank for maintenance equipment.

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