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After moving to western North Carolina in 2011 I photographed almost exclusively in the Pisgah National Forest over a period of three years. An urge to bring models to my favorite locations then emerged. Part of the appeal of the project was the fresh energy offered by bringing models into areas I knew well. I love finding the sweet spot between familiarity/mastery and experimentation. I brought no preconceptions to the work; I simply intended to create strong images within the structure of a woman in the Pisgah National Forest. Both models I worked with were very comfortable in the woods and even athletic in moving among creeks and steep ascents.

A further structure developed before the first shoot: throughout the series I used a slow shutter speed in conjunction with a daytime flash, including a radio controlled remote flash, and camera motion. My approach to photography is to bring intent and openness to every shot. This method is reflected in a set of boundaries within which freedom reigns. Early in 2014 I transitioned from an analog Mamiya rz67 to using a digital Canon OED 5D Mark III as my primary camera. For this project I used the Canon with a Sigma 35mm F/1.4 DG lens. Over the course of the Summer and Fall of 2014 I worked with two models, Jessica Hicks and Jahna Komara.

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