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The town of Banardsville, NC has a population of 1800 people. It is the nearest town to my home. The first Winter after I moved there I discovered a sort of open air warehouse just north of downtown. It had two roofed structures but they had no walls. The place was littered with all manner of objects: semi-trailers filled with pipes and fabric, broken home-trailers, telephone poles, large metal cylinders, cafeteria table/chair units, etc. It offered a wonderland for a photo shoot.

At a distance it looked like a bankrupt property, likely held by some banker 500 miles away, but then a couple dozen shrink-wrapped mini-fridges appeared and then disappeared after a few weeks. No one else was present at our shoots, but it was clear from forklift tracks and the fridges that it was an ongoing business. I made multiple visits with model Katrin Dohse in 2015 and 2016.
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