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Bailey at Abandoned Building, 2019

1 - 6 Revivified Factory District

7 - 9 Dock on an Industrial Marina

This marina is adjacent the oil storage tanks.

10 - 12 Former Lumber Yard

I have visited for many years a former lumber yard repurposed as a staging station for a small contractor. I met the owner once and he told me the city had been after him for years to sell the property. They consider it an eyesore offensive to tourists.

13 - 16 Near the Mississippi River

Includes brick outbuilding, stairs to the river, bauxite warehouse and shot tower.

17 - 19 Former Visitation Kindergarden, now property of Loras College

Some images include layers of the brick and asphalt parking lot and a bowling alley interior.

20 - 24 Resurrection School Parking Lot

Built in 1961, the school's parking lot has been repaired and repainted over the years. I like these textures.
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