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Katrin in a Field of Flowers II, 2018

The state of North Carolina festoons the exit and entrance ramps of many four-lane highways with flowers each summer. Model Katrin Dohse and I shot at one such location in 2015 and again, for this shoot, in 2017. The color is always magnificent. Serendipity struck this shoot when Katrin asked for her cell phone while lying on the ground; she wanted to take a picture from beneath the flowers. My shot of her doing this ended up my favorite of the shoot; I must have created a dozen images inclusive of that one shot. I always rely on serendipity. I cultivate it with minimal planning and strong but vague intentions. For this shoot I brought my camera, a ladder and a jumbo trash bag in case the ground was wet. We shot for an hour just prior to sunset. We were in the shadow of big trees.
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