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Alley, Unconscious Dubuque, 2020

I was born in Dubuque, Iowa and have been returning to photograph the city since 1983. It is an old city that has transformed from an industrial transportation hub to a tourist attraction and home to numerous colleges. My focus for these 2019 trips was on the city’s unconscious, which I defined as the mélange of persisting intentions of its past and present occupants.

On June 10, 2019 I shot from early morning to early dusk, moving from location to location. At each location I plugged into the objects that interested me, and brought to bear on them my intentions, and my openness as to how these intentions would manifest. I returned on September 27, 2019 intending to revisit each location. However, due to rain I only returned to three locations. Each location is identified as a portfolio series in the menu.

My intentions were clear: to create strong images that exhibited unconscious Dubuque. My openness was reflected in my promiscuous shooting, my lack of planning and my reliance on intuition. In post-production I layered these images, and once again used the polarity intent/openness as well as the polarity obscure/reveal with the help of my computer. This straddling of polarities is what allows alchemy to occur. Something hidden emerges to the accompaniment of surprise, synchronicity and serendipity.
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