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Oops II
Radical Play II, Bailey Townley, 2019

The radical in radical play references both a return to roots and a departure from the norm. Radical play is a simple and direct approach to creating alchemy/art. It bypasses the ego and mind and directly addresses the emotions, the senses and the soul. Play embodies the intent/openness polarity. The intention of play is fun, and the player is naturally open to how that will be manifested.

I began working with model Bailey Townley in the spring of 2017. I found her athletic and graceful with the presence of a dancer. She proved adept with flinging colored milk and grains and leaping about. My intent was to capture her at play and she embraced that intention during the two shoots of this series. As I settled in to process the hundreds of photographs I had taken, I primarily used the polarities intent/openness, obscure/reveal and work/play. As is usual, most outcomes were mediocre, but a minority exhibited the surprise, synchronicity and serendipity I expect to find.
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