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School Parking Lot, Dubuque, Iowa, 2021

I usually spend the winter catching up on processing my photo shoots from the spring, summer and fall. However, I was itching to do a shoot in January of 2020 and headed out on the 30th to visit Cleveland, Tennessee. Online I had learned this town had an abandoned factory that looked interesting.

It was a three hour drive from my home. With a population of 45,000 I thought the factory would be easy to find, so I didn’t bother to search on Google Earth. Sadly, I could neither locate it nor find anyone who knew anything about it. While driving around looking for alternatives I stumbled upon a dry cleaner presser device that had been abandoned to the elements. It stood between two dilapidated buildings. I went to town on it, taking lots of photos, hopeful I could create a series from this one object. Post-production was a delight, with a rich array of 22 images as the outcome. This is a good example of the sort of serendipity and surprise that accompanies my work.
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