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St. Monica Outbuildings With Asphalt, 2020

Haeger Pottery, East Dundee, IL, 2021 PART 1

Haeger Pottery, East Dundee, IL, 2021 PART 2

Gravel Pit, 50 Years On, Algonquin, IL, 2022

Weathered Machine, Cleveland, TN, 2020

Metallic Marina, Dubuque, Iowa, 2021

School Parking Lot, Dubuque, Iowa, 2021

Three Places, Dubuque, Iowa, 2021

Derelict Building, Asheville, NC, 2021

Bad Graffiti, Asheville, NC, 2021

Fox Valley Junkyard, Carpentersville, 2020

Isa With Smoke, Isela Brown, 2020

Dilapidated Railroad Bridge, CVILLE, 2020

Radical Play II, Bailey Townley, 2019

Alley, Unconscious Dubuque, 2020

Metallic Marina, Unconscious Dubuque, 2020

Parking Lot, Unconscious Dubuque, 2020

Abandoned Factory, Unconscious DBQ, 2020

Old Downtown, Unconscious DBQ, 2020

School Windows, Unconscious DBQ, 2020

Revivified Factory, Unconscious DBQ, 2020

Midwest Woodlands, 2018 to 2022

W. Dundee, Illinois, With Traffic, 2020

Katrin at a Used Paper Warehouse, 2018

A Womans Closet, 2019

Katrin in a Field of Flowers II, 2018

Lake Marian Creek, Fox River Valley, 2020

Katrin with Smoke Under the Bridge, 2018

Fence, West Asheville, 2018

Peeling Facial Mask, Katrin Dohse, 2018

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